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Buy now. Pay later.

Spread the cost to suit your budget with our exclusive 0% interest instalments plan*

*Terms and conditions apply

Choose a monthly instalment plan with your preference through the service offered by your respective bank. Some banks in the UAE will provide options of 0% instalments plans on your purchase.

How does it work?
Step 1: Select instalments as a payment method at checkout
Step 2: Choose from the instalment plan options the option that suits your preference & the issuing bank of your credit card
Step 3: Enter your credit card details
Step 4: Confirm and proceed with the checkout

Which are the banks offering 0% instalment plan and tenure?

Bank Minimum eligible amount (AED) Tenure
Mashreq 1000 3, 6, 9, 12 months
ADCB 1000 3, 6 months
Emirates NBD 1000 6, 12 months
FAB 1000 3, 6 months
Note: The instalment plan is a service provided by your bank and not offered by Dyson or its affiliates in the UAE. For any inquiries about the instalment plan, please get in touch with your credit card issuing bank.

Frequently asked questions

Instalments is available only on Credit Cards and not on Debit cards. Please ensure you have a credit card with our mentioned partner banks

1. Simply select instalment payment option in the checkout page. This option is only available if you have minimum purchase item in the cart.
2. Enter credit card details, select the bank and period of instalments and proceed for checkout

After placing an order with the instalment payments option, your bank will initially deduct the full order amount. Within 5-7 working days your bank should convert your payment into instalments. The initial purchase amount will be blocked from you account and will be credit limit will be released each month post successful payment of monthly instalments. For example, if your credit card limit is 50,000 AED. You purchase 30,000 AED product on instalments and select 2 months payment plan. In month 1, entire 30,000 AED will be blocked in your account with available credit limit for new purchases will be 20,000 AED. After month 1, when you pay first payment of 15,000 AED, your revised credit limit for new purchases will be 35,000 and blocked amount will be 15,000 AED. After month 2, when you pay second payment of 15,000 AED, revised credit limit for new purchases will be back to 50,000 AED and blocked amount will be 0 AED.

Unfortunately, no !!! Instalment plan can only be available on the credit cards, mentioned with the partner banks

Merchant to update based on refund modes.

Please ensure that you stick to payment deadlines as your bank may charge you a penalty, interest fee or both when you fail to clear outstanding instalments. Please confirm with your bank about the charges in advance.

UAE, KSA: Interest will be charged on monthly principle amount. For example, if you buy 3000 AED product and select 3 months plan with 1% interest rate, every month you will pay a 1000 AED as EMI amount and 10 AED as interest. Total payment each month will be 1010 AED per month for 3 months