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Engineered for power and balance.


Self-righting technology.

The Dyson Big Ball™ vacuum is monostatic - it has a single, stable resting point. With the heaviest components closest to the floor, its low centre of gravity helps the vacuum to stay balanced and upright. And if it does get knocked over, gravitational force automatically self-rights it.


2 Tier Radial™ cyclone technology.

28 cyclones, arranged over two tiers, generate powerful centrifugal forces, to capture microscopic dust and dirt particles. The radial formation channels airflow through the centre of the cyclone assembly, maximising suction to capture more dust and allergens.


Pneumatic cleaner head.

A surface recognition sensor detects changes in floor type. It then automatically controls the flow of air to the compression chamber, which raises and lowers the tool baseplate to maximise suction.


Hygienically drives out the dirt.

The stainless steel shroud is chemically etched with over 30,000 holes, each measuring 250 microns - one - eighth the size of a pin head. This creates a smooth surface for the silicon shroud-wiping collar to slide down, driving out trapped dust and debris.

  • 3 Millimetre control on the centre of gravity, so the vacuum always rights itself
  • 170 Air Watts of suction power
  • 1 Micron tolerance during chemical etching of the bin shroud

"The mass has to be significantly below the centre point of a sphere to make sure it always self-rights. We strove to keep that centre of gravity all the way through development, by testing it on hard floors and sand."

Dave Newton Dyson Manager

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